QEDHRMIS - A Powerful But Simple Way to Manage Human Resources

Benefits of QEDHRMIS


QEDHRMIS is an all-in-one Human Resource solution

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  • Centralised Employee Management
  • Company Administration
  • Benefits and Allowance Management
  • Document Library
  • Timesheets and Attendance History
  • Leave Tracking, Accruals and Calendar
  • Work shifts and Employee Scheduling
  • Payroll Administration
  • Company Loans and Advances
  • Insurance and Tax Reporting
  • Online Recruitment
  • Performance Metrics and Appraisals

How much does it cost?

QEDHRMIS is free upto 5 Employees.

Try it before you commit. No contracts, obligations or credit card required. Upgrade when you are ready.

Are your more than 100 Employees? Enteprise QEDHRMIS is for you!

QEDHRMIS Enterprise can be customized and packaged to suit your business

Frequented Asked Questions

How secure is it?

Security is paramount and we have to taken steps to ensure that your data is safe. All our services will be accessed via HTTPS/SSL verified. While we do that using the latest technologies, you our client has a role to play by ensuring you keep your passwords complex enough and kept securely. Don't leave your computer unattended to while logged in.

Do you share company data with anyone else?

We don't share your data with anyone or any organisation. For more information, read our Terms and Conditions. We take your privacy and data very seriously. Also in consideration are the privacy laws of the country in which we operate in. Any changes in the policy will be sent you in advance before we implement.

How much will I save with HRMagic?

Your costs on workforce related management will be cut by over 90% once you have unleashed the power of this package. It was purposely built to save the enterprises from recurring costs of managing human resource and processing related payments.

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What some of our clients say about QEDHRMIS

It is amazing how much time this solution has saved us. We were spending hundreds of hours maintaining excel spreadsheets for salaries every month. I would definately recommend this to any company having Human Resource challenges

Tony Malinzi

Employee time tracking has always been troublesome in our business. We have our users working in shifts. Since we pay our employees hourly, the company was loosing money paying for hundreds of deceitful hours. This is no more with QEDHRMIS

Saul Walugembe

Thumbs up to QEDHRMIS! One of the best software as a service solutions i have worked wih. Easy to use and time saving. We are looking forward to doing more business with you guys.

Paul Mukyaya

Some of our Clients and Partners

QEDHRMIS is fast growing into an Enteprise Human Resource solution. Thanks to our ever growing list of clients

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